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Gardening has played a pretty big roll in Patrice's life giving her access to an abundance of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, keeping her grocery bills down and giving peace of mind knowing what goes into her food. With 40+ years of gardening she is always happy to pass on some of the knowledge she has gained over the years just as other gardeners had passed on their knowledge and wisdom to her.

Have The Gardening Grandma Pass on the Survival skill of Gardening To You...

Gardening may seem like a struggle at times but there is such joy in seeing those young seedlings grow into food producing plants!

Through years of experimenting and implementing tips, tricks and bits of gardening wisdoms folks had shared, my gardens began to flourish and myself right along with them!

Patrice Porter, the Gardening Grandma, brings the old-time survival skill of gardening to the next generations. Building self-reliance and moving towards self-sufficiency.

She gives folks the skills to be able to grow their own food and help alleviate concerns of the rising cost of living, disrupted food distribution systems and child hunger.

She has a mission to get the survival skill of gardening into as many folks hands as possible and get people gardening at an early age.

Patrice offers garden mentoring, is the author of the book series "Bringing Out the Potential of Children" and creator of "Got Dirt? Gardening for Kids" getting kids hooked on gardening and growing their own food. When they have this skill they may never have to know hunger.

Gardening and growing your own food ought to be a part of every child's education and Patrice is working to make this happen.

What I've Found is -

Sharing Knowledge Helps Keep It Alive and the Skill of Gardening and Growing Your Own Food is the Knowledge I Want to Keep Alive for Generations to Come ...

...having this skill can serve you in good times and in hard times so what better time then now to pick it up!

what I offer

Whether it is garden mentoring, consulting or a program to garden with your kids I have an array to choose from...

Garden mentoring

Pick up some gardening wisdom and knowledge with the mentoring program provided by the Gardening Grandma

Garden Consulting

Take advantage of this consulting service to have direct consultation with Patrice gearred specifically to your garden

Gardening Programs

Come on an adventure with the Gardening Grandma & get hooked on gardening and growing your own food. Enter into the growing process along with Mother Nature and her super heroes and have guidance step by step along the way

video proof

Hear what folks have to say about the "Got Dirt? Gardening for Kids" program...

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Get started with my Beginner's Gardening Guide!

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