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The Gardening Grandma

Bringing the old time survival skill of gardening to the next generations

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Come on an adventure with the Gardening Grandma & get hooked on gardening and growing your own food. Enter into the growing process along with Mother Nature and her super heroes and have guidance step by step along the way

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Pick up some gardening wisdom and knowledge with the mentoring program provided by the Gardening Grandma

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Take advantage of this consulting service to have direct consultation with Patrice geared specifically to your garden

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When partnered with or working with the Gardening Grandma...

jackie- mother and avid gardener.

Patrice has such a wealth of knowledge

Patrice, as the Gardening Grandma, has so much to share when it comes to gardening and was able to guide me in my gardening journey.

meet pat

Patrice Porter, The Gardening Grandma, brings the old-time survival skill of gardening to the next generations.


I love working with kids and over the past 15 years I've been working as an Educational Associate with the Pre-K in the "Play and Exploration" program, opening new worlds to them including the world of gardening.

I'm an avid gardener and gardening consultant growing in my abundant garden on my acreage in the Boreal forest and helping people with their gardens and growing their own food. I love sharing my knowledge and expertise that has come about from over 40 years of gardening.


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Talking about the challenges of food insecurity, how gardening can create more self-reliant and confident children, and how it can change your relationship with food!


The Gift of Choice with Bonnie Groessl

On Fullfilling Aspirations, Unearthing Potential to make for brighter futures!


Brilliance + Passion Podcast with Adam Hommey

Talking about the many benefits of gardening and being able to grow your own food


The Inspired Mom Summit

My topic: Gardening: The Great Secret To Bringing Out Your Child's Potential And Creativity.

You can turn an insecure child into a budding and confident child through gardening indoors or out.